Asean-India Free Trade Agreement Certificate Of Origin

12. In the event of theft, loss or destruction of an AIFTA certificate of origin, the exporter may request in writing the issuing authority the certified original copy and the certified triple copy that must be made on the basis of the export documents it holds, with the approval of the terms “CERTIFIED TRUE COPY” (instead of the original certificate) in box 12. This copy bears the date of the original AIFTA certificate of origin. The original certified copy of an AIFTA certificate of origin is issued during the validity period of the original aIFTA certificate of origin, provided that the exporter provides a quadruple copy to the competent issuing authority. 3. Containers and packaging materials used exclusively for the transport of a product are not taken into account in determining the origin of the goods. (ii) the earliest determined price paid for materials, parts or products of indeterminate origin in the territory of the part where the opening or processing takes place. (a) measures to ensure the preservation of products in good condition during transport and storage (e.B. drying, freezing, solemning, ventilation, stalling, refrigeration, salting, sulphur dioxide or other watery solutions, removal of damaged parts and similar operations); The origin of the accessories, spare parts, utilities and other useful materials presented to the products is not taken into account in determining the origin of the products, provided that these accessories, spare parts, tools and utility materials are simply mixed, or not, of products of different types, when one or more components of the mixture do not meet the conditions set out by these provisions for them to be originating; Under the GSTP, tariff concessions are exchanged between developing countries that have signed an agreement. Currently, 46 countries are members of the GSTP, and India has exchanged tariff concessions with 12 countries for a limited number of products. Export Inspection Council (EIC) is the only agency authorized to issue certificates of origin under the GSTP. (a) AIFTA`s Certificate of Origin must be included in the format of the International Standards Organization (ISO) A4 and in accordance with the model as attached to these operational certification procedures; It`s done in English. The AIFTA Certificate of Origin must consist of one (1) original and three (3) copies.

Each AIFTA certificate of origin has a separate reference number from each venue or exhibition. Maximum fee of Rs 100 per certificate, as the relevant agency may impose. (vii) the references on the AIFTA back-to-back certificate of origin include the name of the party that issued the original AIFTA certificate of origin, the date of issue and the reference number; and (b) the importing party`s customs authority may request information or documents relating to the origin of imported products from an importer, in accordance with national legislation and regulations, before requesting the retroactive control referred to in point (a). 1. For the purposes of rule 3 clause (b) a product is considered originating when it meets the original requirements set for these products in the preferential tariff of the ASEAN-INDE free trade area for goods exported under title iv) of the retroactive control procedure, including the effective procedure and the determination of the origin or not of the goods. , must be concluded within six months and communicated to the result.

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  • April 8, 2021

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