Cfp Written Client Engagement Agreement

According to John Vance of Vance Wealth, a unique process is essential for onboarding new customers, as John Vance of Vance Wealth writes in an article about the early stages of a customer relationship. Like many financial planning companies, the majority of Vance`s clients come from transfers and we talk about how they are treated. It not only plays a big role for your customers, according to a routine procedure is healthy for you and helps to keep everything straight. This model is designed as a base to adapt to your own needs. You can run it every time you have a new customer on board to make sure the process goes smoothly and smoothly. Based on due diligence, you discuss what works for the client and plan to take steps in the future to achieve or improve success and happiness. Dear Client: We are pleased to welcome you into the International Assets Advisory LLC range of investment professionals. On behalf of the entire company, we thank you for being at our disposal as a financial investment advisor. We appreciate the trust you have shown in selecting you and will strive to strengthen that confidence in our service to you. We look forward to a long and professional relationship. For more information on the International Assets Advisory, please visit our website at In addition to additional information about the company and our team, we publish our business management policy in which we describe the steps we take to be available to you in the unlikely event that the office has to close temporarily due to an emergency such as a hurricane or terrorist attack.

If you don`t have a computer, we`ll send you a copy on request. As a FINRA member, we are required to provide you with a copy of our privacy policy explaining the steps we take to protect the confidential information we receive from you and your other customers. If you would like information about SIPC, including the SIPC brochure, you can contact SIPC at (202) -371-8300, website: www.sipc.orgAddress: Securities Investor Protection Corp. 805 15th Street, N.W. Suite 800 Washington DC 20005-221Fax (202)371-6728 or email: [email protected]Thank you for finding a new customer package containing a copy of your account, disclosure statement and other documentation in accordance with the rules and rules applicable to titles. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your customer manager as soon as possible. Once again, thank you for becoming one of our customers. Sincere,Edward CofrancescoPresident The welcome letter should not sell anything, just thank your new client for the interest of the expression and fill every silence before the first meeting.

The CFP Board`s engagement letters use plain language to reduce consumer confusion, increase consumer confidence and reduce the number of engagement issues a consumer may have. The FP GFP Board developed these model letters of commitment through its Standard Resources Commission and with the help of a consultant experienced in writing in plain language.

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