Non Compete Agreement Enforceable Kansas

Remember that simply because it could invalidate or amend a clause in a non-competition agreement, a court does not necessarily render the whole agreement unenforceable. On the contrary, the courts in Kansas and Missouri will try to tighten competition rather than eliminate it altogether. Perhaps the most notable difference in the laws governing non-competition prohibitions in Missouri and Kansas is the absence of a statute that, in the latter case, provides for applicability. Unlike Missouri, Kansas does not have general laws governing the applicability of non-competition prohibitions. Missouri, on the other hand, has a statute that authorizes such agreements in certain circumstances. The meaning of competition is similar to that of a trade secret: the employer has devoted a great deal of time and energy to creating a recipe, formula or algorithm and has the exclusive right to use that trade secret to its economic advantage. With the exception of a trade secret, the information is protected in the event of non-competitive competition between employees. The employer has invested time and energy in the employee`s training, and the employee`s knowledge is very valuable in this area. In order to keep the worker in his current workplace and prevent him from accepting better-paid offers from the competition, employers use non-compete agreements. However, not all non-competition agreements are applicable. According to PBS, nearly 40% of Americans signed a non-compete agreement at some point. All these people did not know what they were getting into at the time. A non-compete agreement prohibits a worker from competing with his employer during his employment and, as a general rule, for a certain period after the end of the employment.

What competing funds are is defined in the agreement, but it usually is about working for another company that is competitive with your employer during the non-competition period. For example, you may not be allowed to cooperate with another competing company or you may not be able to do so in your same job or in a similar job. Your agreement is likely (and should) include a geographic area in which the restriction applies. Are you limited to working within 16 miles of your employer? Somewhere in your condition? In the United States? world? Talk to a lawyer. If you understand your obligations at the front of an agreement, whether you are an employee or an employer, you can save thousands of dollars along the way.

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  • April 11, 2021

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