Saas Referral Agreement

In a software recommendation agreement, you agree, as a reference, to send appropriate customers to the software provider. Customers do not buy the product directly from you. Therefore, you would not have the same risks as a direct liability dealer for damage or viruses on the software. A SaaS OEM agreement is used in situations where the product is renamed for an OEM activity. The OEM activity is to offer: Although there are many different problems that need to be included in a software or software recommendation agreement (SAAS recommendation agreement), it should be noted some practical things: A computer distributor is a company authorized by the vendor to resell products directly to customers. The dealer receives payment from the customer and passes on all the supplier`s costs. An agreement of COMPUTER dealers regulates the relationship between the dealer and the supplier. As a reseller, you have more responsibilities and risks in selling the IT product directly to customers. SaaS and the referee can terminate their relationship at any time. The details of this agreement have been developed to ensure the highest quality relationship between SaaS and its estimated recommendations.

I hope that we have proven our commitments for you in order to become a very rich reference. If you have an ongoing referral fee, make sure that your software recommendation agreement provides for an additional payment, even after you or the provider has terminated your recommendation agreement. This continuous payment operation can only last for the first 12 months of purchase. Alternatively, payment can continue indefinitely, as long as the customer continues to subscribe to SaaS. The common criteria for a qualified referral are: “Lead Referral Revenue” refers to all payments actually made by Exoprise under a subscription contract for the first order of a product of the first year of payment of the common lead, net of taxes, royalties, depreciation, refunds or subsequent refunds. In order to avoid any doubt, Lead Referral Revenue does not contain amounts received for future contracts, additional sales, extensions or for products or services that are not usable at the time of confirmation of the recommendation, such as professional services, support services, training services or third-party software products purchased by a usable lead, or amounts liable by the modifiable lead. , but were not actually received by Exoprise.

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  • April 12, 2021

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