Uw Sublet Agreement

The current contract holder graduated at the end of the spring term, or remember your students to be aware of the lease fraud in Madison. Students trying to find someone to sublet their apartments are particularly vulnerable. Here are some tips for identifying fraud: sublicensing and contract acquisition processes are reassessed in light of the State`s “Stay at Home” orders. Therefore, the questions are not accepted at this time. Sublicensor: a legitimate student seeking permission from the current contract holder and the HFS to temporarily occupy a room in a dwelling as part of the sublicensing procedure. The current contract holder is not authorized for the sublicensing process. If a student (sublicensing) with the permission of a licensed SFS staff member temporarily occupies a room in an apartment while the current contract holder is absent. At this time of year, many students plan for the summer, including subletting their campus space, rooms and rented apartments while they are away. Finding someone to sublet a student`s rent might be a good option, but there are many considerations to consider. Below are tips and information from Campus Area Housing for your student. A messageboard finder is available to students to post available accommodation and assign acquired interest under license/agreement.

Contract holders and potential sub-licensed/residents are responsible for finding and agreeing to apply independently of HFS. To learn more about the features and features of subletting on the website of the Tenant Resource Center Landlord Authorization: Most of the time, you need the owner`s permission in writing before subletting your apartment. Check your lease. The current contract holder has not yet filed a notification of termination. Current contract: the student who is currently assigned to a room in a 12-month apartment. Forecast residents: a student recruited by a current contract holder who is trying to break his agreement with HFS, who agrees to move in and assume responsibility for the space for the duration of the current contract. If you sublet, you will still be on the rental agreement and responsible to the owner, even if you no longer live in the apartment. If the person you rent does not pay rent or damage the apartment, you are financially responsible. Landlord rental procedure: Some landlords have special procedures that must be followed. Ask your landlord about the subletting process.

Once their application has been approved, students participating in the agreement must take additional steps to complete the process. The current policyholder will file notice and the potential occupant will have to pay his housing deposit and accept the housing contract. The current contract holder returns to the HfS case after the sublicensing has been concluded. For summer sub-licences, the contract holder must have extended the following year. Both for a sublicensing and for contract support, the apartment below and the room is a specific room inside an apartment on campus owned by HFS. Sublicensors and potential residents can only enter the space from which the current contract holder retires. The current holder of the contract must still reside in his home at the time of the registration of his sublicensing or the resumption of the contract and cannot present any notice. Rooms are accepted in a state-friendly condition and are not cleaned or inspected by HFS staff prior to the withdrawal date. When a potential resident is removed from a current holder to HFS and requests 12-month apartments as a new occupant, with the intention of taking over the agreement and allocation of space for the contract holder who has evacuated his HFS accommodation for the remainder of the current agreement with HFS.

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