Voorbeeld Service Level Agreement Beveiliging

Performance requirements are requirements in the form of obligations for the supplier. Performance requirements are often defined on the basis of critical performance indicators (KPIs). Examples of performance requirements include operating time agreements (for example. B as a percentage) or the maximum response time in the event of a problem. 11 1 Introduction This ALS describes the services and specifications of the application, system or service provided by the service provider to the municipality. The approach of developing an ALS is a partnership that seeks good cooperation between the municipality and the service provider. An ALS links the needs/expectations of the municipality to the necessary services/technologies. It is therefore necessary to always check whether the themes mentioned in this document are in line with the defined needs/objectives. For example, the termination process (at point 2.1) and resolution and guarantees (section 2.2). The approach should always be to prevent the municipality and the service provider from being put into a hide-and-seek or excuse state. This can be achieved by concluding agreements on what should be delivered and not on how. Negotiations between the municipality and the service provider should therefore be understandable and measurable units for the municipality, such as the number.

B transactions per hour or the number of s per day, not the 2-stroke cpu and the amount of memory used. Agreements must also be reached to test agreements or to prove in another way that the service provider is able to achieve the objective. Creating alS is not easy. The result of an ALS is that the service provider can demonstrate that the desired service is provided based on pre-defined measurement points and results achieved by the municipality in an understandable manner. In short, the service provider knows what is expected of it and the service provider meets the commercial needs of the municipality. As mentioned in the reading recommendation, this document contains a list of tourist sites relevant to the establishment of a Service Level Contract (SLA) with concrete examples. It is impossible to focus on any local practice situation and, therefore, it is not possible to address the risk of damage that occurs in your specific situation. On the basis of the product to be acquired and/or the service to be acquired and its own risk assessment, the municipality must decide what are the relevant elements of this proposal.

These relevant points can then be used by the municipality to create the new ALS or to evaluate the service provider`s ALA. It is also possible that certain themes and/or details are not described in this ALS, but may be included in another document such as agreements and file procedures (DAP, terms of purchase, contract/contract or contract or contract contract).

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