Funk Boogie

Fresh out of the studio - Funk Boogie

Released December 10, 2022

a jazzy journey with some heavy boogie

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When I Wait

I was waiting for Jeph to wake up and get ready to seize the day…. but… he was still asleep. so I made this track on my laptop (ie. haven’t properly heard this on speakers yet ) beside his head to try and wake him up… he said.. when he woke up.. dude.. this is the theme of my dream. lol. I’m like.. ahhhhh. probably lol

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In the Garage - Elx

In the Garage

elixir gets stuck in the garage and makes peace with the dust bunnies. triumphant bliss – pre release

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Jory Bice, better known as elixir, has been tearing the roofs off of large indoor venues and lighting up the night at major festivals around North America for well over two decades… Read More…

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