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🎉 New Release Alert: "Rhythmic Reverie Chronicles" Out Now on Bandcamp!

Released January 12th, 2023

Embark on a rhythmic journey with ‘elx’ and immerse yourself in the eclectic blend of soulful jazz and uplifting beats in “Rhythmic Reverie Chronicles.” Available exclusively on Bandcamp, offering you a chance to directly support the artist before it lands on major streaming platforms on January 23rd.

Track Descriptions:

  1. Ain’t Nobody Else’s: A jazzy and swing-filled Drum and Bass take on the classic.
  2. Lift You Higher: Gospel funk and jazzy tunes lifting you to new heights.
  3. Feed Your Soul: Brassy and full of a big band feel to truly nourish your soul.
  4. InBetween Dnb: Jazzy and electro-swingful Drum and Bass celebrating the melodies between the notes.
  5. Get Up on the Floor: High-energy track featuring samples from ‘Plata O Plomo’ sample pack. Perfect for dance enthusiasts.
  6. Rent Come Due: Drum and Bass meets Hardcore ragga jump-up, bringing dancehall beats alive.
  7. Rock to the Beat: Fun and bouncy Drum and Bass celebrating rhythm.
  8. Mess It Up: Big room Drum and Bass with flying synths, taking it slow to avoid messing it up.
  9. Love n Sunshine: Big room Drum and Bass with a soulful feel and a driving beat.
  10. Still Dream of You: Old-school feeling jungle with a flare. When it’s late, still dreaming of you.

🔗 Support ‘elx’ directly on Bandcamp: https://jorybice.bandcamp.com/album/rhythmic-reverie-chronicles

Thank you for being part of this musical journey! 🚀✨

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