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All of these players contribute to the ultimate success of a photo shoot. Access to pieces and accessories from other designers and boutiques can help complete the style, appearance or ambience you`re looking for. Traditionally, stylists and photographers hired for shoots can help designers access these items by “pulling” them from showrooms, other designers and boutiques. But what if you`re just getting started and can`t afford to hire a stylist or photographer in the industry? Please take this as legal information and not as legal advice. If you have any questions about Pull Letters or would like to receive a project, email us at A stylist who wants to create an editorial with a designer`s pieces must make his idea and make various legal promises to the designer. The magazine assumes full responsibility for the items used and will provide financial compensation in case of damage or loss. Buying Options – With all these people on the shoot set, it`s common for someone to be interested in buying items right there and then. If the stylist directs them to your business, it can`t lead to a sale. Instead, add a clause dealing with the purchase price and whether a discount can be granted depending on the circumstances. It could be a great way to get an addictive celebrity to your brand! At the centre of this type of exchange of goods is a simple document that the fashion industry commonly refers to as a pull letter.” what? A legal document in the middle? Law appears in the most unlikely places (as you start to see how you can go further in your fashion store)! Responsibility – This highly critical element of the agreement determines who is responsible for the security of the items. Even if it is a model who has sweated through the clothes, or an intern who has burned a hole through the dress, the person above will have to answer this question. This also applies to serious damage, z.B.

if the items are used for purposes that you have not accepted. However, if you are a start-up designer, it is possible that you will have to absorb the cost of the damage or be a little lenient with the penalties. If you walk on the big players so early in the game, you may be blacklisted. If you need help styling your own photo shoot, check out our “Style My Line” package and insert tips. And don`t forget to download our free pull letter templates if stylists are already knocking on your door. 🙂 credit period – there have been situations where borrowers linger with the product weeks or months after the photo shoot. You can avoid this by indicating the withdrawal date, how long you can stay with the item and when you need to bring it back. Also describe the penalty if the stylist or photographer does not respect the chronologies. The more you grow and develop as a designer, the more press opportunities you will have. But remember, it`s a bargain. The refusal of any borrower to sign a sweater letter is a red flag and should prompt you to question both the project and the legitimacy of the project.

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